Spend a Night in History

Stay at our historic inn the next time you're in town

Looking for a comfortable place to stay? The historic Three Bear Inn in Marathon, NY is a great place to be. Here at the Three Bear Inn we have something for everyone. Our owner has managed the inn for over 35 years, so we know how to keep our guests happy.

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Why should you stay with us?

If you're wondering why you should book a room at our inn, we have a few great reasons. You'll love our:

  • Local Area- we are near many great restaurants and places of interest
  • Cozy rooms - you can get a comfortable, cozy room for a great rate.
  • Family Atmosphere- when you are with us, you are our family

Visitors can also join us for a variety of events throughout the year. We hold karaoke on the last Saturday of every month, bike night on Thursdays and a Christmas bazaar every holiday season.

Our storied local history

When you stay at the Three Bear Inn, you're immersing yourself in local history. Our inn has been in business since the 1900s, and the property itself has existed for over 222 years. We're the oldest operating business in Cortland County. Originally called the Hotel Marathon, the owners renamed the inn in the early 1900s when they aired out three bearskins stored in the attic on the front porch. The name the Three Bears Inn has stuck ever since.

Check out our History page now for more information on our historic inn.

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