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Learn more about the story behind the Three Bear Inn

When you stay at the Three Bear Inn, you're staying in a historic inn with a long history. We've been in existence for over 222 years, and our current business has been operating on the property since the 1900s. Our current owner took up the position of manager over 35 years ago.

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Get the facts about our inn

Want to know more about our historic hotel? If you want to learn more about our inn's history, check out the facts below:
William Brink bought the land in 1799, and his son built a cabin on it that same year.
The Brink family began operating a business on the property out of a new structure built between 1825 and 1845.
Lena and Henry Forshee bought the property in 1923 and rebranded it as the Hotel Marathon.

After the Forshee family hung out three bearskins from the attic on the porch to air out, the owners renamed the hotel the Three Bear Inn. The new name stuck, and the inn is now the oldest operating business in Cortland County.

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