Craving a Hearty Dinner?

Stop by our restaurant for an amazing meal

Time to fill your belly? Three Bear Inn serves fresh-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. For breakfast, you can enjoy an omelet with bacon, veggies and cheese with a side of handpicked blueberries. If you stop by for dinner, try our:

  • Fried chicken
  • Prime rib hash
  • Grilled haddock
  • House-made soups
  • Hand-patted burgers

We even have specialty burger nights. If you'd like to give our menu a try, visit us today.

Find out what we're serving tonight

Not sure what you want for dinner? Our daily special may be the perfect option for you. Our daily specials are as follows:

  • Tuesday - marinated teriyaki beef tips
  • Wednesday - homemade lasagna
  • Thursday - liver and onion
  • Friday - grilled or fried fisherman's platter with handmade crab cakes
  • Saturday - a steak cut of your choice with bourbon sauce
  • Sunday - chef's choice, so our chef will cook up something interesting

Our cuts for our Saturday night special include a New York strip and a filet, so you can enjoy our favorite cut. We also have a taproom with a full complement of IPAs, beer, wine and more, and our bartenders come up with new seasonal beverages constantly. Email us now if you have any questions about our menu.